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Ultragrime Wipes Australia

Ultragrime- Wipes with a difference

Ultragrime wipes have been developed to revolutionise the cleaning process. We want to make cleaning fast, convenient and effective, giving business and homeowners time back that was previously wasted on lengthy and inefficient cleaning routines.

If you have used wipes before you will know how handy they are to clean with, but if you have never used Ultragrime before here are just a few reasons why we are different.



We call them wipes but they are so much more! Uniwipe are made from a unique, specially formulated material that is very thick and strong, and the texture is more cloth like almost like a microfiber – this is perfect for not only collecting dirt but also keeping it on. This eliminates the need to wipe the same area over and over again, cutting cleaning time in half.



All wet wipes are wet. But no wipe stays wet like Ultragrime. We guarantee that Ultragrime will stay wet for over an hour out of the packet meaning one wipe goes further especially if there is only a small job to clean. Leave the wipe on the side and come back to use it. Ultragrime cuts down on wastage as you can use the same wipe over and over again.


But perhaps the first thing you will notice about Ultragrime is their size. These wipes are huge! They are twice the size as your average wipe and this, coupled with the unique, microfiber-like material really makes these wipes stand out in terms of efficiency. You can also try the 8-fold method to create a wipe pad for optimum hygiene and economy – eliminate cross-contamination by using each side of the pad for different areas.

Uniwipe Size

Haven’t tried them yet? Why not contact us for a sample and see for yourself how Nuvik wipes can work for you. We have a full range of wipes, Ultragrime Industrial wipes, Catering, Multipurpose, Washroom and Clinical. Use one type or a mixture of them all to cover all of your cleaning needs.


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